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Students are expected to write in their planners every day. This article includes greater description of homework, due dates, and reminders.  



Complete the "2 Point Perspective" street drawing. Use as much detail / colour / characters  / objects / etc. that you feel is necessary. Characters and objects must be applied using glue stick after the wall and graffiti is complete. Create your own characters to add (that may reflect your interests), or take a "Space Art" character from Mr. Heraghty in class to draw, following the guidelines given. More time will be allocated in class to work on this assignment.

Please see the following link to help you:


Due Date: Mon Mar 6th (can be extended for certain students who missed out on art class time)



Complete "Order of Operations" Worksheet. Q. 1-10 only.

Due Date: Mon 6th



Language Arts  

Complete "Irregular Verbs" worksheet. 

Due Date: Mon 6th




Gather materials / equipment for Force and Motion demonstration. See Google Classroom for instructions.



NOTE: Weekly News 24 (Life Expectancy Increase) was completed in class this week. 
Complete all activities in Weekly News 23 (Pasta Labelling Worries), including "Critical Thinking" paragraph (remember: attach the paragraph separately as well as completing the Critical Thinking section in short form on the worksheet).
NOTE: A total of 5 Critical Thinking paragraphs must be complete for Term 2
Due Date: Mon 6th












Students want to be successful and need to understand how to get there. Using rubrics helps students to figure out what excellence looks like. By focusing on academic growth, teachers can encourage students to try new strategies and stretch their scholastic muscles. No matter what the starting level, students can always learn, stretch and grow. 

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Math can be seen everywhere. Some students need extra practice and others need extra challenge. This article provides resources to help students enjoy math at their own unique level.

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Good writers include descriptive vocabulary, a variety of sentence types, and a logical flow between innovative ideas. Sometimes it is tricky to know where to begin. This article provides links to resources to help improve your writing skills.

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