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Students are expected to write in their planners every day. This article includes greater description of homework, due dates, and reminders.  






Algebra: Jump Math pg 181-184 (Equations)

Due Date: Fri April 28th



Language Arts  

Choose a Superhero themed song for the poetry Unit (See Google Classroom for more instructions).

Note: Pages from the booklet were completed in class, and we will be commencing the accompanying paragraph on Chromebooks.

Due Date: Tue May 2nd


Compose a Limerick. Your chosen Limerick will be added in class to your poetry folder (See Classroom).

Review the following link if necessary:

Due Date: Fri April 28th 







Complete the Urban Aboriginals Study worksheet (for next Socials class)



Scholastics book orders to be completed by Friday May 5th (through Mr. D'Souza's account)










Students want to be successful and need to understand how to get there. Using rubrics helps students to figure out what excellence looks like. By focusing on academic growth, teachers can encourage students to try new strategies and stretch their scholastic muscles. No matter what the starting level, students can always learn, stretch and grow. 

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Math can be seen everywhere. Some students need extra practice and others need extra challenge. This article provides resources to help students enjoy math at their own unique level.

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Good writers include descriptive vocabulary, a variety of sentence types, and a logical flow between innovative ideas. Sometimes it is tricky to know where to begin. This article provides links to resources to help improve your writing skills.

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