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April 24


Memorize the Play


April 25


Finish Worksheet


April 24


Letter to Archbishop Miller (students and parents)

Must be in by MONDAY!!



Start collecting pledges for the Walkathon!!



Friday, April 21st - Class photo

Wednesday, April 26th - Spirit Day/Hot Lunch

Thursday, April 28th - School Mass at 9:15am

Tuesday, May 2nd - Walkathon Rally at 2:30pm

Friday, May 5th - Walkathon Rally at 2:30pm

Sunday, May 7th - Walkathon

Monday, May 8th - Confirmation at 7:00pm

Monday, May 8th - Grade 7's dismissed at 12:00pm

Monday, May 22nd - No school

Thursday, May 25th - School mass at 9:15am

Wednesday, May 31st - Spirit Day/Hot lunch


   "Care for the Common Home"

    Chosen Program  - Preparation for Confirmation


  • Decimals, fractions, and percents are used to represent and describe parts and wholes of numbers
  • Computational fluency and flexibility with numbers extend to operations with integers and decimals
  • linear relations can be prepresented in many connected ways to idetify regularitites and make generalizations
  • The constant ratio between the cirmcuference and doameter of circles can be used to describe, measure and compare spatioal relationships
  • Data from circle graphs can be used to illustrate proportion and to compare and interpret
Read more: Subjects At a Glance

Please take a moment to look at our beautiful Class Project for the Dinner Dance Auction this year!  Each student was asked to write a poem about light, and they all did a tremendous job!  Each student painted their poem in silver onto a gorgeous silver lantern.

Starting this year, you have the opportunity to bid on our class project online, even if you are not attending the event!  You can bid on this item by following this link.

I hope to see you at this year's DDA!

Mr. Maxwell

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