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International Student Program

At Sacred Heart Elementary School we are pleased to accept applications from international students. Our school offers a welcoming and supportive learning environment for your child and we are confident they will have an enriching and rewarding learning experience. We offer the Grade K – 7 curriculums as defined by the Ministry of Education of the Province of British Columbia and the Catholic Independent Schools of Vancouver Archdiocese. All classes are taught in English with the exception of a French language class. ESL classes and learning assistance will be made available if needed.


International Student Application Process

  1. Application and School Records – submit completed application form and copy of last year of school records (in English).
  2. Notification of Acceptance – applicant/agent/guardian will be notified of acceptance. If requested a Letter of Acceptance can be issued.
  3. Submission of Supporting Documents – once application is confirmed, the following documents must be submitted:
  • Notarized letter from parents appointing guardian for student (if required)
  • Notarized letter from guardian accepting responsibility for student (if required)
  • Guardian's proof of Canadian citizenship or Permanent Resident/Landed Immigrant Status
  • Copy of student's passport (and study permit if student already studying in Canada)
  • Copy of student's Care Card (if student is already studying in Canada)
  • Or proof of medical coverage
  1. Payment of Fees – non-refundable fees are due within 2 weeks of notification of acceptance or prior to application deadline)
  • Payable by bank draft or certified cheque
  • Payable by electronic wire transfer
  • Fees are subject to change
  1. Letter of Acceptance – once all supporting documents are submitted and non-refundable fees are paid, an Official Letter of Acceptance and receipt for payment of fees will be issued.
  2. Application for Study permit – students must apply for a Study Permit at nearest Canadian Embassy with the original Official Letter of Acceptance
  3. Study Permit / Medical coverage – all new students are required to provide a valid Study Permit and evidence of heath care coverage.


Homestay for Grade 5 – 7 students

While attending Sacred Heart Elementary School, students must reside with an English speaking family, preferably from the school or church community. The students should be prepared to pay approximately $750.00 per month for room and board. Students are also responsible for their own medical insurance.


Homestay for Kindergarten – Grade 4 students

Students between the ages of 5 - 9 must be living in Delta with a legal guardian or parent before their child will be accepted