Every now and then, I come across interesting, insightful, helpful, and funny articles that help me understand 6 year olds a little better, or give me a new perspective on teaching...instead of flooding your emails with links and silly memes, I'll share them here...if you come across anything good, email me the links and I'm happy to post them here as well!


After School Meltdowns
Inside the First Grader's Brain

Reading Tips for Home Reading

21 ways to ask your child about their day at school




Here is a link to more links - Online Story Sites for Children
starfall        abcya        brainpopjr        nasa        nationalgeographickids

Place Value Games:  If you have Lego at home, this is something you can use to practice place values, click link HERE


STEAM links (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics)

Fun things you can try at home to keep your child engaged!

40 STEM Activities