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About the Program:

Students will be assessed on a list of spelling words from the "Words Their Way" program. The intention of using this program is to personalize learning by giving children spelling words at their level. This means that the class will have different spelling words which match each student's area of need.

What will this look like at home?

Students will come home with their words on Mondays. The words can be found in the clear pouch at the front of their planner. Students are expected to practice their words at home and are encouraged to practice some of the activities they learn in class at home. Students will be assessed on 10 of their words the following Wednesday. Please note these words can stay at home. Please also follow the homework activities for each night. A newsletter explaining the activities will come home with the first set of words. In addition, students will be assessed on their sight word knowledge and will be coming home with 4-5 words each week to be practiced throughout the year.

What will this look like in the classroom?

On Mondays students will cut, initial, and sort their words for every set with the teacher. Students will participate in different sorting activities to practice their knowledge of their words. Students will also have the opportunity to use different tactile materials during "Work with Words" in our "Daily 5" program for in class reading/literacy activities. Examples are: magnetic letters, whiteboards, clay, stencils, clothes pins etc.

Please watch the videos below for more support and information: 

Word Sort

Writing Sort

Concentration Game

Other Games:

1. Mix and Fix: Have your child do a sort of their words and then have them close their eyes while you "mix" up some of the words by putting them under the wrong headers. Your child will then try to "fix" the errors by putting the words under the correct headers.

2. Hangman: Choose a word from your child's list and have them guess which word it is.

3. Writing on Backs: Write the words letter by letter on your child's back with your finger, have them try to guess the word.

4. Concentration: Flip all the spelling words over and take turns matching words by spelling pattern or sound (depending on the sort). Player to get the most pairs wins.

5. Writing Sentences: Have your child pick 5 words or more from their spelling words and write each word in a sentence with or without a picture.

How to make your spelling/sight word homework more engaging:

1. Write the words on your child's back letter by letter and allow them to do the same to you

2. Play a game of hangman

3. Build the words using letter manipulatives (magnets, alphabet cereal etc.)

4. Make flashcards

5. Paint in plastic bag. (Put acrylic paint in a large ziploc). Students will then use their finger to spell out their words in the paint on a hard surface. It's tactile, it's sensory, and they love it!

6. Use shaving cream! Cover a hard surface in shaving cream and print out your words.

7. Create a wordseach here:

8. Go outside and use sidewalk chalk. 

About Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart Elementary is a Catholic Independent school serving the communities of Ladner and Tsawwassen in South Delta, BC.  With a beautiful campus, dedicated staff and a wide range of extracurricular activities, students in K-7 receive a well rounded education within a loving Christian environment.

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