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 Thursday September 10  First day of school A - J  Friday September 11  First day of school K - Z
 Monday September 14  First ADST class  Tuesday September 15  First PE and French classes
 Wednesday September 16  Early dismissal 1:45     

Here is "the scoop" for the week of September 21 - 25


1. spelling starts on Monday (words will come home!)

2. bring in rain gear for the wet week (we are going outside!)  *extra socks too!

3. reminder that all siblings of "K" students will also leave at 2:30 starting on Monday

4. the season of "fall/autumn" officially kicks off next week!




Mrs. Falcos    


Friday September 18


1. Have fun!


Thankful Thursday September 17


1. I am thankful for ______________________.

2. Bring a knock knock joke


Wednesday September 16


1. play 1 math game on the class website

2. PE tomorrow morning at 9:05


Tuesday September 15


1. explore "Kids Corner" on the class website

2. early dismissal tomorrow (know when you will be picked up!)


Monday September 14


1. wash your masks

2. label and return all supplies to school ASAP

3. read 15 min. minimum


Friday: (to answer Rachel's question about the seasons!)


The Seasons and the Sun - check out this video!






What is an atoll and how is it formed? Check out the photo here How Does an Atoll Form? | Wonderopolis


Then click on this link to learn more about this unique landform: All About Atolls


Don't forget to bring in a knock knock joke for tomorrow's class!






Which animal here on this website link below to you is THE COOLEST? Tomorrow...tell me which one and why!


Coolest Animals in the World (Click here!)


Amazing AnimalsPigSmall Pets That Are Easy to Take Care of - United Veterinary Center


Lunchtime Grace (said):


Bless Us O Lord, 

For These Thy Gifts

Which We are About to Receive

From Thy Bounty,

Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.


Lunchtime Grace Songs:


God Is Great!


God is great

God is good

Let us thank Him for our Food

We're gonna thank Him in the morning, noon, and night

We're gonna thank Him 'cause He's outta sight!

Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen

Chow, Chow, Chow!


We Will Rock You Grace


Jesus was a cool dude

40 days without food

Livin' his life by the golden rule


He died in our place

Amazing grace

Spreading his love all over the place


Singin' we will, we will, praise you, praise you

We will, we will, praise you, praise you!



Addams Family Grace


Da da da dum, da da da dum 
Da da da dum, da da da dum, da da da dum

We thank You Lord for giving 
The food we need for living 
Be with us while we eat it, 
Because we really need it.

Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen



About Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart Elementary is a Catholic Independent school serving the communities of Ladner and Tsawwassen in South Delta, BC.  With a beautiful campus, dedicated staff and a wide range of extracurricular activities, students in K-7 receive a well rounded education within a loving Christian environment.

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Contact Us

Box 10, 3900 Arthur Drive Delta, BC, V4K 3N5
1 604-946-2611