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On this page you will find all kinds of essential Class 4 info, including:

- Notes about Lunches, Snacks, Treats, Special Occasions, etc.

- General Class Info and Expectations

-'Year at a Glance'

- French & PE days & times

- General notes about Homework, Google Classroom, Assessment, Attendance, and MORE!

Click here for a Welcome Message and information about communication and email.

Click here for important info about Birthdays and Special Occasions

Note about Lunches/Snacks:

Please keep the following in mind when packing student snacks and lunches:

  • Products that contain nuts or nut oils/butters should be avoided.
  • We are aiming for a "zero garbage lunch" at school. Students will be expected to thoroughly rinse any recyclable or reusable containers and put them back into their lunchkit to take home for recycling. They will also be expected to take home any wrappers or other garbage that comes from their lunch kits. (They may rinse refundable drink containers and place them in the blue bin, but OTHER containers like yogurt and fruit cups must go home for recycling).

Class 4 General Info and Class Expectations

            In Grade Four, students will be guided, supported, and encouraged to become more independent and responsible for their own learning, both in the classroom and with regards to homework.  Each child will work towards individualized goals that they will set for themselves with the help of their teachers and parents.  They will also be expected to conduct themselves as respectful, responsible members of our school and classroom learning community.   The school theme this year is "I Can Do All Things Thorugh Christ!”. Throughout the year there will be a school-wide focus on learning to listen to the voice of God, discovering what God is asking of us, recognizing and developing our gifts & skills, and striving to be the 'best versions of ourselves'. 

Class 4 Curriculum Overview/Year at a Glance

There are many exciting things happening with the New BC Curriculum and we will be working hard at Sacred Heart School to make these new ways of teaching and learning come alive in our classrooms. I would be happy to meet with you one on one to discuss some of the ways that we will be doing this in Class 4!

Click Year at a Glance to see what topics and skills will be addressed in each subject area throughout the year, and also to get a look at the Five Integrated Thematic Units of Study that will integrate learning in most subject areas. 

Click here for information about HOMEWORK.

Click here to see infomation about ASSESSMENT including rubrics that will be used by students and their teacher, and info about letter grades.


Attendance is, of course, essential to students' success! There are many kinds of interactive learning activities that students particpate in at school which cannot be made up at home. With this in mind, it is important that students arrive on time for school and that family vacations, medical appointments, etc. are reserved as much as possible for times that are outside of school hours. Of course, there are times when this cannot be avoided, and in these cases please let me know as far in advance as possible and I will see what arrangements can be made to support the student.   Arrangements for 'catch up work' after an absence (or work to be taken home in advance of an absence or on vacation) will be made on a case-by-case basis. This will depend on the needs of the student and family, what kinds of learning and school activities are happening at that time of year, and how much notice is given to the teacher. Some students may be given assignments to take home in advance of or during an absence or holiday if requested, and some may be given work to do when they return, or not given any extra work at all if the absence is relatively short. It is not possible, however, to completely 'catch a student up' if they are away for a long period of time. Work that is done on vacation may or may not (more often the latter) count towards the final marks, depending on the subject and the kind of work the student is doing.  The usual purpose of work sent home on vacation (if the parents want their child to do vacation work) is to help the student practice and maintain skills so they will continue to feel confident with what they are doing in the classroom when they return.

PE Days and Times (subject to occassional change, with or without notice - PE strip not needed on an alternate day if no notice is given)

  • Tuesday mornings and Thursday mornings or afternoons (gym clothes and shoes needed)
  • DPA on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (gym shoes needed)

French  Days and Times (subject to occassional change with or without notice - homework will never be a "surprise" though)

  • Monday and Thursday afternoons

Class Website and Google Classroom

Click here for information about how students are expected to use the school website and/or planners to keep track of class news, info, reminders, and homework.

Click Daily Update for latest Reminders, News, and Homework

We will also be using Google Classroom for class announcements and assignment instructions. I will guide the students through learning how to use their (secure) school gmail accounts to access and effectively use google drive, google docs, and google classrooms. They will complete a large number (but definitely not all) of their assignments online, and receive marks and feedback that way, too. They can also ask me questions about specific assignments on Classroom, and respond to my feedback, as well as revise work and resubmit it.   Our Google Classroom will also have links to helpful website for research, as well as videos, graphic organizers, and rubrics that students can use. I encourage parents to keep a copy of their child’s username and password (same as for school email account) so that you can also access their work and google classroom, where you will find detailed copies of the instructions for many assignments, as well as feedback that I may have given students.  (It’s always a good idea anyway for parents to have their child’s password for any online accounts they use!)

NOTE: Most Google Classroom assignments will be done in class, but you can check the student's progress from home. When you do so, you will be logging in AS the student.  If you are giving support or suggestions to your child (for example with grammar revisions to writing assignments), please do so in a way that still allows the student to be the one DOING the work and writing any comments or questions. If you would like to personally communicate with me about an assignment, please do so through email, by phone, or in person. THANK YOU in advance for your support and cooperation with this!


            Although we will be using a wide variety of learning resources and materials in addition to textbooks (in keeping with the philosophy of the new curriculum), each student will still have a personally assigned textbook for a few subjects.  These are expensive resources which must be treated with care.  The students are only to take the books home when they have homework or studying to do (rare), and they MUST be returned EVERY day (if taken home at all) so that they can be used when needed at school.  Students may ONLY use the book with the number that is assigned to them for each subject, and will be held responsible for any lost or damaged books at the end of the year.  Please help us by talking with your child about stewardship of ALL borrowed materials.


I am looking forward to a great school year!  If you have any questions about the Grade Four Program or about your child’s learning, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Blessings Always,

Miss Winning

Class 4 Teacher, SHS Delta

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