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 Computer homework is assigned every Tuesday and can be accessed through Google Classroom with the students account.

Wednesday, April 8th, 2020

Christian Education: Lenten promises & Prayer for Vocations to be memorized! (Mite boxes and prayers for seminarians are optional.)

Social Studies: Website for Immigrant Stories.  Students should take time to put effort into a high quality presentation of their immigration story due Thursday, April 15th.  Rubric with criteria was sent home.  




Math: Review multiplication facts if you are starting to forget them.

French: See portal or French class page

It is recommended that students read for 30 minutes daily, and review math facts (addition facts to 20, or multiplication tables) every month (or play card/board games that include calculations). The students are all meant to be typing up to 30 minutes per week (without looking down at all).

Sacred Heart School is happy to welcome the students and parents to our Catholic faith community and Class 5A of the 2019-2020 school year!

The class page/website will be used for sharing information that is relevant to students and parents.  I hope to celebrate our achievements and support parent involvement through the "Current skills and focuses' page that will help answer the "What did you do at school today?" question, as well as the homework updates, prayers and important dates.

The theme of this year is "I can do all things through Christ - Philippians 4:13."  We will be practicing our Christian virtues in showing how we can be Christ-like through His example and grace.  1 Corinthians 13: 4-7 reminds us that we need to be patient, kind, selfless, truthful, hopeful, persevering and forgiving.  That is the love we will strive to show in our daily lives. 

The students promised to...

  • be good listeners,
  • be kind and use encouraging words only,
  • show teamwork by working well together,
  • use time wisely and stay focused,
  • work hard and put a lot of effort into learning,
  • not interrupt when others are speaking,
  • be open to the ideas of others,
  • have self-discipline and personal responsibility,
  • show patience,
  • and more. 

I am so grateful to be teaching and growing in this community.  The children are blessings, each one of them.

Miss Hessels




Updated on February 12th, 2020

ART: Connecting Ideas as Inspiration - Using experiences to contribute to making art and analysis/appreciate of art

CAREER: Leadership - Modelling by example by giving directions, planning, and listening.

MATHEMATICS: Equivalent Fractions - pictorial, concrete and symbolic representation (precursor to decimals) and Transformations on Coordinate Grids

LANGUAGE ARTS: Reading Comprehension - grammar structures for identifying the subject and verb, short readings (Bible stories, parables, poems), literary devices.                  

Speech Arts - Diction, fluency, eye contact, volume

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION: Vocations - Exploring how our role models followed God's direction, "doing all things through Christ who strengthens" them. 

SOCIAL STUDIES: Equality Rights - government, immigration patterns and history.  Mapping skills interspersed.

SCIENCE:  Rock Cycle / Mining and Natural Resources / Management



Prayer takes many forms: singing, silence, speaking, suffering, etc.  Prayer is a personal and intimate experience, but also a unifying communal experience.  We practice the prayers below as many voices sharing their hearts with the Lord, while joining our voices together in harmonized words.

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Sacred Heart Elementary is a Catholic Independent school serving the communities of Ladner and Tsawwassen in South Delta, BC.  With a beautiful campus, dedicated staff and a wide range of extracurricular activities, students in K-7 receive a well rounded education within a loving Christian environment.

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