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January 23 - February 5 

  • Finish any incomplete in-class assignments/worksheets.
  • Review multiplication facts and practice 3-digit by 3-digit.
  • Basic math division and understand steps for long division.
  • Speech Arts

January 15 - 22/2021

  • Finish any incomplete in-class assignments
  • Review multiplication facts and practice 2-digit by 2-digit
  • Earth science package (1st page)


November 16 - 20/2020

  • Review respiratory system

November 9 - 13/2020

  • Finish incomplete jumpmath pages.
  • Study how the heart works. 
    • Textbook, notes and quizziz.

November 2 - 5/2020

  • Finish any previous incomplete homework that was discussed at parent-teacher conference.
  • Practice/review (go-over) rounding numbers (Thousands, ten thousands and hundred thousands)
  • Practice/review (go-over) linking vs action verbs
  • Review: How the heart works

October 29/2020

  • Study for social quiz (November 4, Wednesday)
  • Sign weekly report and return them.
  • Monday is the final day I will be accepting "Handwriting" assignment (3 pages). 

October 28/2020

  • Type speech on computer and print it. (This applies to every student...they are aware it's a class assignment).  

October 27/2020

  • Study for spelling test tomorrow. They should have their spelling book. If not, please tell them to check their google classroom ("Language Arts")
  • Please sign their weekly report (4-star behaviour paper) and start a conversation with them if they circle "No" in any of their questions. 
  • For my homework club: if they don't have a homework binder. Please provide a small binder :)

October 26/2020

  • Some students have not completed their handwriting/printing. Please follow up with them.
  • If you want to buy your child's pictures, please send your money by November 3rd.
  • Study digestive and urinary system (science textbook, quizziz, science notes). Test tomorrow.
  • Spelling test on the 28th.
  • Please sign your child's math quiz #1.

October 23/2020

  • Some students have not completed their handwriting duotang (3 pages). Please remind them to check their bag.
  • I extended Action Bible comic poster to Monday. Please remind them to finish it.
  • Study for math quiz#2 (it will consists of basic multiplication and division sequence). Quiz is on Monday
  • Review Digestive and urinary system (There is a quizziz review game on their google classroom)

October 22/2020

  • Bring an extra duotang for Percy Jackson: Lightning Thief novel study
  • Study for digestive system and urinary system for Science quiz on Tuesday, October 20.
  • Finish action Bible poster.

October 21/2020

  • I am sending science textbook home permanently. I will only ask them to bring it back if we are doing any textbook activities.
  • Parents signature for Map of Canada and Continents Quiz

October 19 & 20/2020

Christian Education: Action Bible Poster - due Friday, October 23

Social Studies: N/A

Science: N/A

English: Handwriting or Printing (3 pages completed) - due Friday, October 23

Math: Fill in any missing work on jump math (pages 6 - 21) - due Friday, October 23

Computer: Computer homework is assigned every Tuesday and can be accessed through Google Classroom with the students account.  The students should practice their typing at least 30 minutes per week (without looking down at their hands on the keyboard).

French: See portal or French class page

It is recommended that students read for 30 minutes daily, and review math facts (addition facts to 20, or multiplication tables) every month (or play card/board games that include calculations). 

About Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart Elementary is a Catholic Independent school serving the communities of Ladner and Tsawwassen in South Delta, BC.  With a beautiful campus, dedicated staff and a wide range of extracurricular activities, students in K-7 receive a well rounded education within a loving Christian environment.

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Contact Us

Box 10, 3900 Arthur Drive Delta, BC, V4K 3N5
1 604-946-2611