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Welcome to Mrs. Tamkee's Kindergarten Class at Sacred Heart School!

Monday, February 19

  • Sightword and letter homework go home today.
  • Special helper: Philippa
  • Today, we
    • had Mrs. A for part of the morning.
    • had calendar led by Philippa.
    • learned our new letter cheer: Vv says /v/, violin in the van, /v/, /v/, /v/.
    • read the story "Moses Goes to a Concert".
    • had gym with Mr. Jones.
    • had reading groups.
    • practiced printing the letter Vv in the air, on carpet, and on our printing sheet.
    • had centres.
    • had computers with Mr. Larratt.
    • reviewed patterns in math.
    • read a story about force and motion.

Tuesday, February 20

  • Special helper: Raffaella
  • Today, we
    • had Mrs. A as a teacher for part of the morning.
    • had French with Mme. Wiechers.
    • had calendar led by Raffaella.
    • read the chapter 1 of "Just Right for You, Verdi Mouse".
    • played a game in math to practice recognizing numbers to 20 in Miss Racela's room.
    • had centres in Miss Racela's room.
    • had reading groups.
    • completed our letter V book.
    • made a patterns in math.
    • wrote in our journals.

Wednesday, February 21

  • Special helper: Ray

Thursday, February 22

  • Special helper: Riley
  • Return library books in a ziplock bag.

Friday, February 23

  • Special helper: Scarlett
  • Monday's special helper: Selim
  • Next week's Star of the Week: Alex
  • Sightword and letter homework due today.

  • Label all clothing - especially sweaters!
  • Please display your laminated yellow "K" sign to use Kindergarten parking.
  • Please complete a criminal record check to volunteer in the classroom or on field trips.

Please check the school calendar for more events.

January 22 - February 2

  • Missions Club Winter Food Drive

February 6

  • Les Olympiques d'hiver - come dressed in your country's colour

February 8-12

  • No school (Catholic Educators' Conference and Family Day)

February 13

  • Valentine's Celebration

February 13 - 16

  • Super Scientist presentations

February 14

  • Ash Wednesday - Ash distribution at 11am

February 16

  • 100th Day of School
  • Come dressed like you are 100 years old
  • Bring your collection of 100 items

February 28

  • Hot Lunch & Spirit Day

Religion: Theme - Care For Everyone In Our Common Home; Prayer; Lent

Language Arts: Calendar; Letter of the Week: Vv

Math: Calendar; Numbers to 20; Patterns; Graphing

Science: Weather and Seasons; Plants; Movement

Social Studies: Communities

Physical and Health Education & Career Education: Healthy Living

Arts Education: Integrated theme art

Sign of the Cross
In the name of the Father,
and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit.

Using your right hand, follow the actions for the Sign of the Cross in the diagram.

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About Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart Elementary is a Catholic Independent school serving the communities of Ladner and Tsawwassen in South Delta, BC.  With a beautiful campus, dedicated staff and a wide range of extracurricular activities, students in K-7 receive a well rounded education within a loving Christian environment.

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