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Welcome to TERM TWO!  I hope everyone had a restful holiday and is ready to work.  Here is just a sample of what to look forward to.  

Religion:  We keep our theme"CARE FOR EVERYONE IN OUR COMMON HOME" in mind when we look at a variety of new topics.  We will take a close look at the Liturgical Year - examining the colours and focus of each church season.  We will also look at important feast days.  Our class will examine different Bible stories, looking at the people and lessons each present.  We will also learn about different sacramentals and how we use them, spending some quality time with the Rosary.     

Language Arts:  We are going to dive fully into cursive writing -- our goal is to be amazing handwriters in preparation for next year.   We continue to develop as independent readers and writers, working on developing strategies to help us improve while still "BUILDING STAMINA." Finally, we will begin a very exciting author study.  I hope you like riddles and puzzles and crazy detailed stories because you will have to use all of your literary and detective skills to successfully find the culprit or save the theives.  More information to follow...stay tuned.     

Math:  In Math, we are examing Number Sense - focusing on Place Value, Adding and Subtracting with and without regrouping and introducing multiplication. Please encourage your child to practice basic adding and subtracting as this will help them a lot.  Mathletics, and the games found on the Links page are fun ways to practce these skills. 

Science: In Science, we will be examining THERMAL ENERGY.   Be ready for the SCIENTIFIC METHOD and hands on experiments.   

Social Studies: Social Studies has us examining our world with regards to community and diversity, and mapping.  We will be focusing on basic needs, and how environment, needs and cultures are linked.  

I am very excited about this new term.  I hope you are too! 



HOMEWORK TIP #1:  Please look carefully at the due dates for the following assignments.  A talented student will complete the ones that are due first before the other ones.  

HOMEWORK TIP #2: Remember to bring your assignments back to school even if they are not finished or due that particular day.  You never know when you may get free  or extra time in class to work on unfinished work.  If you have your assignments with you, you can use your class time wisely.

Thursday,  June 21, 2018:  

  1. Read for 20 minutes 
  2. Permission slip for donations
  3. Please bring in an extra bag for next week's clean up.
  4. Optional:  Bring in a pair of rubber gloves for cleaning.  

Thursday,  June 21, 2018:  

  1. Read for 20 minutes 
  2. Raz-Kids - 2 books by Friday.
  3. Non-Uniform Day: Walk-a-thon Reward
  4. Notice: Permission for supply donation

Wednesday,  June 20, 2018:  

  1. Read for 20 minutes 
  2. Raz-Kids - 2 books by Friday.
  3. Math:  "Marshmallow" Math - Teach your mom and dad how division is about sharing and equal amount.
  4. Notice: Permission for supply donation

Tuesday,  June 19, 2018:  

  1. Read for 20 minutes 
  2. Raz-Kids - 2 books by Friday.
  3. Notice: Bike Camp - Pedalheads
  4. Notice: Permission for supply donation












































Here are some computer links to websites which can make learning just a little bit more fun.  Enjoy!




Storyline Online

Just Books Read Aloud


Scholastic Kids


BBC Reading

Scholastic Story Starters


Spelling City Weekly Sorting Games, Tests, and Activities


Nelson website: math games and review for grade3

Problem Solving Study Jam

Johnnie's Math


ArtForKidsHub - Drawing website

Iris Folding Patterns


Superbook Bible website - reading and watching your favourite Bible stories!

Social Studies: Stay tuned for new connections!


Build Molecules - Build Molecules like we did in class. 

Nanospace Molecularium - Explore the Science behind Matter 

Outerspace Molecule Chase - Build molecules to help a mouse escape the dangers of a space station.  

Elements and the Periodic Table - Learn about the Periodic Table of the Elements, - focus on symbols and properties of matter


M.E.G.A. Math Games

Games to Practice Your Number Sense Skills!

Number Sense Games

Place Value Hockey

Math Racing Place Value Game

Place Value Games


Games to practice Subtraction:

Balloon Pop Subtraction

Subtraction Games

Basic Operations

Subtraction Fruit Splat * Please Select Level 6


Looking Ahead in April

Thurs., March 29

Shadow Stations 10:45am - Gr.7

Thurs., March 29 Grade 3 Prayer Service - 2:00 pm
Fri., March 30  No School - Good Friday  Sun., April 1 

Easter -- Easter Egg Hunt after the 9 am and    11 am Masses 

Monday, April 2 No School - Easter Monday  Tues., April 3 School Re-opens after Easter
Wed. April 3  Assembly - 9:15am Run for One Earth  April 9-14  Used eye glass collection 

Wed. April 4-Fri. April 6

 Scholastic Book Fair  Frid., April 20 Earth Day - Garbage free lunch 
Sat. April 21 First Holy Communion Retreat (8:30am  - 12:00 pm)  Wed. April 25  Hot Lunch and Spirit Day 
Thurs. April 26

School Mass - Class 1 (9:15am) 

Thurs. April 26

Walk-a-thon assembly (2:30pm) 

Sat. April 28

First Holy Communion

(2:00 pm) 

Sun. April 29  Confirmation (6:00 pm)

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