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Welcome to GRADE 3!  I want to welcome everyone, especially those students who our new to our school.  We will have a very busy start to the year.  Here is just a sample of what to look forward to.  

Religion:  We are taking a closer look at our theme for this Year: "CARE FOR OUR COMMON HOME" and learning about ways to pray. We will also be learning and reviewing a few of the prayers that are said together with the whole school.  These include:  The Prayer of St. Francis, Our Father, Hail Mary, and the Glory Be.  

Language Arts:  We are going to exercise our hands to prepare them for cursive writing.  We are also going to train our minds and bodies so we are become independent readers and writers.  We will be using a variety of picture books and stories to help us.  Be prepared to hear the words "BUILDING STAMINA" over the next few weeks....well...the year.   

Math:  In Math, we are beginning with PATTERNS because well, math is based on many different types of patterns.  Please help your child look for patterns around town, at home and anywhere else you may be.  Also, please encourage your child to practice basic adding and subtracting as this will help them a lot. is a wonderful website to practice these skills while also helping to lesson world hunger.  

Science: In Science, we will be examining how everything is made up of MATTER.  

Social Studies: Social Studies has us examining our world with regards to community and diversity, and mapping.  We will be focusing on mapping symbols, and different Indigenous world and local cultures.  

I am very excited about this new school year.  I hope you are too! 




Math Games for Multiplication and Division

Monday, June 5, 2017

  1. Times Tables:  Memorize, practice and know the 0x, 1x, 2x, 3x  and 4x tables.  See above link for games.  
  2. Science: Deposition definition and labelled / coloured picture.  (be sure to label Sediment!)
  3. Socials:  consider and start to plan what you are going to bring in for your project.  Both partners need to participate and split any costs.  It is preferred that you only use materials you already have at home.  Be creative.
  4. Read for 20 Minutes.
  5. Raz Kids - complete 2 books by Friday
  6. Reading Log


Friday, June 2, 2017

  1. Religion: Bring a rosary to school.
  2. Times Tables:  Memorize, practice and know the 0x, 1x, 2x, 3x  and 4x tables  (Fri.)  See above link for games.  
  3. Read for 25 Minutes each day.
  4. Raz Kids - complete 1 books this weekend
  5. Reading Log



















Here are some computer links to websites which can make learning just a little bit more fun.  Enjoy!




Storyline Online

Just Books Read Aloud


Scholastic Kids


BBC Reading

Scholastic Story Starters


Spelling City Weekly Sorting Games, Tests, and Activities


Nelson website: math games and review for grade3

Problem Solving Study Jam

Johnnie's Math


ArtForKidsHub - Drawing website

Iris Folding Patterns


Superbook Bible website - reading and watching your favourite Bible stories!

Social Studies: Stay tuned for new connections!


Build Molecules - Build Molecules like we did in class. 

Nanospace Molecularium - Explore the Science behind Matter 

Outerspace Molecule Chase - Build molecules to help a mouse escape the dangers of a space station.  


M.E.G.A. Math Games

Games to Practice Your Number Sense Skills!

Number Sense Games

Place Value Hockey

Math Racing Place Value Game

Place Value Games


Games to practice Subtraction:

Balloon Pop Subtraction

Subtraction Games

Basic Operations

Subtraction Fruit Splat * Please Select Level 6

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