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French 5-7


Grade 5

Memorize lines for "Les animaux du Bayou". click here for link to Aim student portal. 


Class 5 - quiz #2 Le 27 mai. 

Second group to demonstrate how well they have learned lines to see if there will be a performance.

Class 5A- Practice 

First week of rehersal was very good. We will have 3 performances : June 3rd, 6th, and 13th Many have their lines ready and 3 students are prepared to do the main part of Suize!. Continue to practice with video to help with expression, phrasing, and pronunciation,. Gestures can be used to emphasize words and to help you demonstrate understanding of what you are saying. Performance dates are June 3rd and June 6th, June 13th. Please click here for information about costumes

Continued Practice: 

Alphabet, Numbers 1-50, Colours

use quizlet to practice: le calendrier (Days of the weeks, months of the years) weather, body parts (see videos) 



le 27 mai



Grade 6


Performances are now completed!

Practice Quizlet (double verbs) for Louis la grenouille, for quiz on le 18 juin 

Link found here or on Google classroom. 

Story maps of play due by the end of the class le 21 juin.



Flags of the Francophone communities in Canada

Study Links for students 

Alphabet, Numbers 1-50, Colours sheet




le 18 juin

Grade 7.

le 13







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