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French 5-7




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Grade 5

Class 5B, 5, 5A - PRactice reciting play. Use la piece avec les actions. You can add the words by clicking on CC at the bottom right of screen. Goal is to be able to read fluently by le 28 fevrier.


online dictionary Collins English-French Online Dictionary

click here Prof du jour script and criteria: Frist round finished. Second round to begin after Feb. 13th

click here Prof du jour questions

Log on to aim student portal. Practice reciting play with the video: la piece avec les actions. Click here 

Use your mathletics username-aim and password to sign on

Quizlet- Quel temps fait-il? use this to study weather expressions.



le 19



Grade 6

Prof du jour questions

Prof du jour script and criteria: 

Complete 3 different sentences about winter activities the following structures:

1. En hiver, j'aime ______________ mais je n'aime pas ___________.

2. En hiver, j'aime ________________ mais je prefere _____________.

3. En hiver, j'adore ________________ mais je deteste ________________.

le 20





Grade 7

Classroom expressions






le 20













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