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We Are the Saints - Athletics Overview

Welcome to Sacred Heart Sports!
Below is a list of the amazing extracurricular sports activities that we offer (for both girls and boys unless stated otherwise).

Please feel free to contact Mr Kilkelly if you have any questions about any of this information.  We will include information for each sport in the appropriate section to the right of this page as we move along during the school year.


Grades 2-7 Cross Country (Sept-Oct)

Grades 4-7 Boys Soccer (Sept-Oct)

Grades 5-7 Volleyball (Nov-Dec)

Grades 2-4 Mini-Hoopers Basketball (Nov-Dec)

Grades 5-7 Basketball (Jan-March)

Grades 3-4 Lunchtime Basketball (Jan-Feb)

Grades 3-7 Track & Field (April-June)

Grades 4-7 Girls Soccer (April)


Alan Kilkelly
Sacred Heart PE Teacher