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Parent Handbook

Sacred Heart Elementary School



3900 Arthur Drive, Delta, B.C. V4K 3N5

Phone: 604-946-2611


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Last Updates: March 31, 2023


This handbook is intended to offer parents a guide to school policies and procedures which directly affect them. If you have questions about situations that are not included in this handbook, please call the school office.




Our mission is to educate and aid in the development of the whole child; to mold our students into responsible, Christian leaders and life-long learners.

We aim to be a community-centered school with a focus on Catholic education. We will provide our students with excellence in education and ensure the school offers programs in athletics, fine arts, learning assistance, and community services.

Catholic Independent Schools of the Vancouver Archdiocese (CISVA)/Church Mission: To Proclaim and Build the Kingdom of God".




As a member school of the CISVA, we share in the vision of the CISVA to develop students with the knowledge and skills necessary to realize their full potential (spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social and physical) with an aim to promote Catholic values and to become responsible citizens (respect others and be stewards over their environment) and life-long learners.

Our community is made up of teachers and staff, parents and the Parish Education Committee (PEC), all play an active and important role in the school community. Our teachers are Christian role models committed to ongoing professional and personal development. They provide our children with positive and challenging learning opportunities to develop the whole child.

Our parents are advocates of Catholic education and share the responsibility of developing the whole child, working cooperatively with administration and staff to foster student opportunity and achievement. Our PEC will implement the policies of CISVA, and promote the highest standard of Catholic education within the bounds of available resources.


Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA)


Under this act, our students, parents and employees’ rights are protected. The school has put into place policies that require the collection of personal and financial information in a manner that is secure and safe. We adhere to the Act and will protect each individual’s rights and use personal information to provide your children with the best possible educational services as set out in our school’s Mission Statement. For further information regarding PIPA, contact our school Principal, Mr. Kelly Kozack.



Parish Education Committee


The Parish Education Committee (PEC) will assist the Pastor in the governance of the school as outlined in the CISVA Policy and Reference Book. The PEC is composed of the Pastor, the Chair and six other members. Five members are elected and the Pastor appoints two members. Eligibility, term of office and responsibilities are outlined in the CISVA Policy and Reference Book. The PEC meets monthly. All members are expected to be in attendance at all meetings. The Chair heads all Education Committee meetings.

PEC members should develop an informed understanding of the nature and operation of the school and other schools to guide them in their decision making.  All PEC members should become familiar with CISVA policy and should be prepared to serve on subcommittees when necessary.

The Principal shall participate in meetings of the PEC and shall submit a written operational report. Requests for non–members to speak at these meetings must be in writing and received by the Principal, Pastor and Chair at least seven days in advance of the scheduled meeting. Extra-ordinary meetings may be required and may be called by the Chair as needed. The PEC may also require several roles and various subcommittees. These may be permanent or temporary. Permanent role descriptions for the Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Fundraising Rep., and Parent Participation Rep are listed below.


The Chair

The Chair of the PEC is to work closely with the Pastor and the Principal. The responsibilities of the Chair are listed below.

  • Chair all meetings of the PEC;
  • Prepare a meeting agenda with Pastor and Principal;
  • Ensure that a quorum is present;
  • Ensure that policies and decisions of the PEC are executed;
  • Make available to members information that is distributed by the Central Office of the CISVA;
  • Process all correspondence on behalf of the committee;
  • Represent the PEC at Parish Council meetings;
  • Ensure that all duties of PEC officers are executed;
  • Be a signing officer on PEC documents.


The Vice-Chair

The Vice-Chair of the Education Committee has the following responsibilities:

  • To be acting Chair during the Chair’s absence;
  • To be the Society delegate/representative;
  • To carry on any other duties as assigned.


The Treasurer

The Treasurer of the Education Committee is responsible to the PEC for reporting the receipt of all monies received by Sacred Heart School as income or disbursed for school expenditures on behalf of either the CISVA or Sacred Heart School.  Other responsibilities of the Treasurer are:

  • Ensure that all monies described above are held and operated in bank accounts under the title of the CISVA or Sacred Heart School;
  • Share responsibility with the Pastor for the supervision of bank accounts under the above named titles;
  • Ensure that an effective accounting/bookkeeping system exists to properly and accurately record all financial transactions;
  • Be a signing officer on all Sacred Heart School bank accounts;
  • Monitor expenditures and receipts with regards to the budget.
  • Coordinate the preparation of an annual budget in consultation with the Pastor, other PEC members, office manager and the Principal;
  • Submit to PEC members a monthly printed financial report.


The Secretary

The secretary of the Education Committee has the following responsibilities.

  • Ensure proper and thorough reporting and documentation of all meetings;
  • Take attendance at all committee meetings;
  • Distribute to all members of the committee the minutes of the previous meeting;
  • Ensure minutes are received by members at least one week prior to meetings;
  • Collect reports from subcommittees;
  • Reply to and process Education Committee correspondence in consultation with the Chair;
  • File all correspondence, minutes and reports.


Fundraising Representative
  • To oversee the fundraising in the school and to be a liaison between the two major fundraising committees (e.g. Dinner Dance Auction and Walkathon).
  • Bring proposals for fundraising to the PEC
  • Provide a monthly report to the PEC as needed
Parent Participation Representative
  • Coordinate and monitor the parent participation program including updating the parent participation forms included with the yearly registration package;
  • Communicate all pertinent information to the parents;
  • Consult with the Pastor, Chair and Principal regarding any parent requests for reduction in hours;
  • Bill and follow-up with all families for non-fulfillment of participation hours and maintain communication with the office manager/bookkeeper
  • Provide a monthly report to the PEC as needed


  • Ex-officio of the PEC and Member of the Executive Committee


  • To attend PEC meetings and provide a monthly report to the PEC




Recognizing the need for limitations on the enrolment at Sacred Heart School, policies have been established to prioritize application for admission.  Admittance will be given preference in the following order:

                1. Children presently enrolled in the school if they and their families meet the expectations of the school

                2. Siblings of children already in the school, whose families are practicing Catholics active in the parish.

                3. Children whose families are practicing Catholics active in the parish.

                4. Siblings of children already in the school, whose families are practicing Catholics active in other parishes.

                5. Children whose families are practicing Catholics coming into the parish, who have been attending Catholic school elsewhere.

                6. Children whose families are practicing Catholics active in other parishes.

                7. Children whose families are either not practicing Catholics or not active in their parishes.

                8. Non-Catholic children.

*For a more detailed explanation regarding student admissions, please refer to the Sacred Heart School Admission Policy.


International Student Program


Sacred Heart School operates an International Student Program in which we enroll students from countries outside of Canada. Those Students accepted into Grades K-7 must live with a parent while attending Sacred Heart School. The students are fully integrated into the curriculum and extracurricular activities and all concerns and program changes are overseen by the Parish Education Committee.


Parent Participation Program


Our Catholic School is part of the Christian Community and parents are expected to participate in some areas to help support the operation of the school. The Parent Participation Program functions under the direction of the PEC.  The PEC oversees the operation of this program. However, it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that they have completed their work participation.  For more information please refer to the Parent Participation Policy


Criminal Record Check


There will be a need for parent volunteers to have a criminal record check completed. If you will be dealing with students in Sacred Heart unsupervised by a teacher you need to complete a Criminal Record Check. These jobs will include parent drivers, library workers, and parents helping with Mini Hoopers Basketball and teacher helpers outside of the classroom. Please pick up the form and instructions that are available in the file on the desk outside the main office.


Automobile Liability (Volunteer Drivers )


The Archdiocese of Vancouver has a special liability policy that increases the person’s liability coverage for each volunteer driver when transporting students to and from school activities (i.e. Field Trips). If you are planning to drive students on any field trips you need to provide the office with a copy of your current driver’s license and an up-to-date insurance document.


Parental Responsibilities


Since parents are the primary educators of their children, it is important that a spirit of co-operation and trust exist between parents and teachers.


It is the responsibility of parents to:

  • see that Christian attitudes and religious practices are continued in the home.
  • see that the child attends school regularly and is on time. 
  • see that the child is prepared with the proper school supplies.
  • ensure that the school uniform and gym strip meet the uniform policy.
  • assist the child with homework or extra work needed to catch up.
  • check and sign their child’s planner each night.
  • check and sign their child’s report cards.
  • participate in school functions and attend scheduled meetings.


Expectations of Students



Students participate optimally in building a strong Christian school community when they have an attitude of cooperation and charity. The student’s approach toward the staff should be one of openness and trust, realizing that the prime concern of all staff members is in the best interests of all students. Only in the framework of this relationship will our desired goals be reached.

Students must be willing to do whatever they can to help create an environment of Christian charity. They need to develop a growing sense of respect, honesty, and justice. Appropriate respectful language and behavior are expected at all times. The students need to realize that through their actions they show the respect that they have for themselves and for their families as well as the pride that they have in their school.

Students are expected to participate in the Religious Education program and celebrations as well as in all other school curricular and co-curricular activities.


School Timetable


The organization of the school day is marked by the ringing of school bells according to the schedule printed below.                

8:35 am                        

Welcoming Bell


School Day Begins


Morning Recess Begins


Morning Recess Ends

12:00 pm

Lunch Recess Begins


Lunch Recess Ends

12:30– 12:45pm

 Lunch (In classrooms)

2:00 pm 

Early Dismissal (Wednesdays only)


Dismissal (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)


School Closure


In the event of school closure due to severe weather, please visit the school website at and/or listen to CKNW 98 AM for details. If the school will be closed an announcement will be made between 6:30-7:00 am and repeated often. Please do not call the school.


Lateness, Absences and Early Dismissals


The children have five minutes in which to enter the school and prepare to begin work. The bell rings at 8:40 to signal that they may enter and again at 8:45 to begin classes. A similar procedure applies to recess and at the end of lunch.

Each and every late or absence of a student must be reported each day between 8:15 am and 8:45 am, either by email or phone call (phone calls must be followed by an email or note to the office and teacher). If you report these absences via the Attendance Hotline (Parent section of the website) both the office and teacher will be notified at the same time. The Ministry of Education requires this documentation in order to assess funding every year. 

Absences for reasons other than illness should be kept to a minimum. Loss of school time may jeopardize the child’s year and usually results in missing new concepts taught during his/her absence. If vacations must be arranged during school time, parents must notify teachers of the trip at least one week prior to the child’s absence.  


It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that any important class assignments missed during unexcused absences are attended to upon the child’s return. Further, it should not be expected that the teacher provide the child with materials prior to the holiday.  


In order to receive the government grant, a child must be in attendance for a specified number of days during the year. If a child were to miss too many days due to holidays, this could jeopardize the reception of the grant. In this case, the parents would be held responsible to pay the balance.


Discipline Procedures


The school will set guidelines for handling student misbehaviour or disregard for school policy. Teachers, students, parents and administrators will be involved in dealing with acts of serious misconduct as per the School Discipline Policy. Communication is the essential element when addressing discipline problems. Students who are involved in very serious acts of misconduct may be suspended or expelled by the Principal only in consultation with the Pastor and Chair of the PEC. There is an appeal procedure in place for the parents and student as outlined in the Major Complaints Policy


Harassment and Bullying Prevention


Bullying in its truest form is comprised of a series of repeated, intentionally cruel incidents involving students at the school. Bullying, which includes acts of violence as well as verbal assaults, will not be tolerated in the classroom or on school grounds. We encourage all students to report all acts of bullying to an adult, teacher, parent or Principal. Teachers and administrators will inform parents of actions to be taken. Continued bullying by a student may result in suspension and/or expulsion. Click here for our comprehensive policy on harassment and bullying prevention. 




Each student in grades 1 to 7 is supplied with a student planner to be used and checked regularly by the parent and student. The assistance of parents in helping establish healthy homework habits is important. It is advisable also that parents encourage students to spend time each evening in activities such as reading for enjoyment, practicing math facts, studying for tests, and improving penmanship or writing skills.


Use of School Telephone, Cell Phone, and Smart Watch Policy


Children may not use the school telephone except in cases of emergency and then only after the teacher or office staff has given permission. Teachers and students will not be called to the phone during class time except in the case of emergencies. If a student is carrying a cell phone for emergency purposes, the cell phone must be kept in their school bag, turned off, and used only in an emergency with permission from a school staff member. Smartwatches may be used at school only to help children monitor their daily step count and heart rate. They may not be used for texting, emailing, surfing the net, voice calling, taking photos, or for any other purpose that may infringe upon the privacy of others. Any devices found in a student’s possession without permission, or used for purposes not outlined above, will be confiscated and held until a parent is able to come to the school office and reclaim it.


Student Illness


We do not have facilities at school to accommodate children who are ill. Whenever a child becomes ill, we will phone home to request that someone pick him/her up. We, therefore, require an emergency contact number in case no one is available.


Uniform Policy


As per the Uniform Policy, all children are expected to wear the Sacred Heart School uniform when attending school or when participating in school-sponsored events outside normal school hours. The school uniform promotes a sense of school pride, a sense of community and belonging to the school. Wearing a uniform also creates a sense of equality among peers in terms of appearance and provides the opportunity for students to feel respect for themselves and others because of their positive image. When creating a respectful self-image, the importance lies not only in what they wear but also in how they wear their clothing. Shirts are expected to be tucked in at all times. Cardigans, vests, and sweaters, while not required to be worn at all times, must be at school every day and worn to all assemblies, Masses and school photos, etc. We ask all parents who send their children to Sacred Heart School to support the uniform policy. School uniforms must be purchased from the uniform supplier, Top Marks. Orders are placed online at (online ordering code: SHD02). Parents are responsible for ensuring that their child wears the correct uniform and that it is clean and in good repair. Please ensure that all of your child’s uniforms are clearly labeled with their name.




All students are required to go outside during recess. We will not send children out during severe weather but please ensure that your child is always dressed appropriately for the weather. A jacket suitable for the current weather should be supplied on a daily basis. Runners are to be worn at recess.



Religious Education


Recognizing that Christ is the foundation and centre of the Catholic School, and recognizing that the baptized child has a right to full catechesis in the Faith, the principal, teachers and the PEC work in close union with the pastor to aid the Church in fulfilling its catechetical mission by imparting religious instruction in such a manner that it becomes an indispensable part of the curriculum. The child must be enabled to think and choose freely, based on Gospel values


During the year there are regularly scheduled School Masses. Students are given an opportunity to share in the preparation of these Masses. All students are expected to participate fully in the celebration of the Eucharist and other Church related functions.




We use the curriculum prescribed by the Ministry of Education in British Columbia in conjunction with the guidelines established by the Archdiocese of Vancouver.


Learning Resource Department


The Department Head of Learning Resource is responsible for the school’s entire Learning Resource Program, Special Education Policy and Guidelines. The role of the Learning Resource Teachers is to support and enhance the role of the classroom teacher in providing the opportunity for children to reach their full potential. The objective of the Learning Resource Department is to assist and support (and not replace) teachers in their job as “holistic” educators. Students requiring assistance will initially be supported within the context of the classroom.


Sacred Heart School promotes the inclusion of students with special needs as fully participating members of a community of learners. Inclusion describes the principle that all students are entitled to equitable access to learning, achievement and the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of their educational programs. The practice of inclusion is not necessarily synonymous with full integration in regular classrooms and goes beyond placement to include meaningful participation and the promotion of interaction with others.


We strive to educate the whole child by fostering spiritual, academic, social, emotional and physical growth, according to the curriculum of BC.


We meet with parents to determine the specific and special needs of each child, with assistance from professional reports and consultations, and then set appropriate goals. The child’s program goals, strategies, and supports are outlined in his/her Individual Education Plan (IEP).


The school recognizes the parents as the first and foremost educators of their children and respects the knowledge they can provide about the child and his/her learning. While the school requests and values parental input in deciding on goals and strategies for the child, final decisions about the child’s educational program at school remain the responsibility of the school staff.


We strive for open communication with parents in an effort to promote the optimum development of the child. It is important for parents to be informed of their child’s activities, successes and challenges and to reinforce the learning which happens at school. Similarly, teachers need to be advised promptly of any home incidents or details that will affect the child’s learning or behavior at school. In this way, we can cooperate in providing the best possible learning opportunities for each child.


General Information:

Communicating Student Learning


Communicating student progress to parents must be timely and responsive throughout the year. Formal communications will occur at least 5 times per year: Parent-Teacher Conferences, an Interim Progress Report, Term 1 Progress Reports, Student-led Conferences, and final year-end Progress Reports.




The Principal, in consultation with teachers and parents, will decide the grade promotion for students in exceptional cases (e.g. retaining students or skipping grades).


Spirit or Non-uniform Days


For special occasions, which have a given theme, students are encouraged to dress in the spirit of this theme. However, students may choose to wear the school uniform instead and may still participate in the themed activities, if any, planned for that day.


Electronic Devices


The use of electronic games and devices, by students, are not permitted at Sacred Heart School without permission of school staff. If a student is carrying a cell phone, for emergency purposes, the cell phone must be kept in their school bag, turned off, and used only in an emergency with permission from a school staff member. Any devices found in a student’s possession will be confiscated and held until a parent is able to come to the school office and reclaim it. Smartwatches may be used at school only to help children monitor their daily step count and heart rate. They may not be used for texting, emailing, surfing the net, voice calling, taking photos, or for any other purpose that may infringe upon the privacy of others. Any devices found in a student’s possession without permission, or used for purposes not outlined above, will be confiscated and held until a parent is able to come to the school office and reclaim it.


School Property


Students are responsible for textbooks, library books, school equipment, sports uniforms etc. which are issued to them. Damage or loss will require that reparation be made.


No Smoking/Vaping Policy


Sacred Heart School is a smoke-free area (by-law City of Delta). Sacred Heart School adheres to the Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Act, in which tobacco or vapour products are not permitted anywhere on the school grounds.


Extra–Curricular Activities


Sacred Heart School offers a variety of extra-curricular activities in the area of fine arts, athletics, academics and service. All students are encouraged to participate in one or more of these extra-curricular activities. Any student who neglects his/her studies may be denied participation in these activities until he/she shows improvement. This decision will be made by the Administration in communication with the parents and the classroom teacher.


Special Areas:



Students are permitted in the gymnasium only under the direct supervision of a teacher. During intramural events and athletic contests students are expected to show enthusiasm, sportsmanship, respect and appropriate behavior. The use of the gym during school hours is to be coordinated through the Administration and the Athletic Director. Requests for evening use for school activities must be made to the Maintenance Supervisor.


Adventure Playground


Students are permitted to use the Adventure Playground during school hours only when under the supervision of an adult. The Adventure Playground is not available for play before and after school unless under the direct supervision of the child’s parent or guardian. No running, chasing, tag or aggressive behaviour is permitted in this area.


School Grounds


Students may use the school grounds for play in their designated areas.

Areas where play is not allowed are:

  • In or around the Church, Parish Centre and Monastery;
  • In the designated parking areas for staff and parents;
  • On the north and west side of the School or in the farmer’s fields.


Leaving the School Grounds


Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds during school hours unless they are in the company of a parent/guardian or if they present a note to the office that is signed by the parent/guardian. These guidelines are in effect for all school-related activities before, during, or after school. Students must use the sign-out/in sheet located at the office when leaving school grounds or when returning during school hours.


School Safety:


Fire and Earthquake Drills


Sacred Heart School follows the fire drill procedures required by the Delta Fire Department. Six fire drills are held over the course of the school year. Expectations for these drills are given to all teachers and substitute teachers and are posted in the classrooms. Sacred Heart School also follows the outline of earthquake drill published by the CISVA “Responding to a School Emergency.”


Traffic Safety


Everyone is required to follow the one-way traffic pattern and obey the rules as established by the school and respectfully follow the instructions of staff and parent volunteers on duty. Special care should be taken at the beginning and end of each school day.  


Bicycle and Skateboard Safety


Students who ride their bicycles or skateboards are asked to follow all regular traffic and safety regulations such as the use of helmets. Students should walk their bicycles or skateboards through all crosswalks. No student is permitted to ride a bicycle or skateboard on the school grounds from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. They should be walked during these times. 


Field Trips


Teachers usually plan their field trips prior to the beginning of the school year. A form is sent by the teacher to the administration to confirm and check with other scheduled activities. Teachers are required to send home a permission slip to each parent of a child in his/her class. No student will attend an out of class field trip without parental permission. If there are any concerns about a field trip, contact the teacher immediately.


High Risk Field Trips


The staff at Sacred Heart School, are obliged to inform parents and obtain their permission for their children to participate in all school field trips. In the case of High Risk Field Trips such as the Grade 7 Outdoor Education Field Trip, parents will be asked to complete an additional Consent Form”. This form is intended to inform parents of the purpose of the trip as well as the possible risks involved in some of the activities that the children will participate in while away from the school. Any parent who has children participating in “High Risk Field Trips” must complete all forms and understand the nature of such trips.



Appendix A - School Policies

For a list of school policies, please visit




Appendix B (PEC and Staff Members)


Parish Education Committee (PEC):


Pastor: Fr. Francis Galvan, OSA 

Chair: Jordan Kinghorn 

Vice-Chair: Olivia New 

Treasurer: John Fernandez 

Secretary: Moushtak Estepho 

Fundraising: Eamonn Gill and Tiffany Williams 

Parent Participation: Olivia New and Megan McGillveray

Principal: Kelly Kozack

Vice-Principal: Peter Maxwell




Pastor: Fr. Francis Galvan, OSA

Principal: Kelly Kozack

Vice-Principal: Peter Maxwell

Bookkeeper: Karla Kuchma

Secretary: Lia Munro


Classroom Teachers


K: Grace Tamkee

KA: Dawn Largoza

Class 1: Alexis Racela

Class 1A:  Kathleen Irving

Class 2: Eva De Sousa

Class 2A:  Charlotte Lim

Class 3: Tamara Falcos

Class 3A: Jennifer Hopson

Class 4: Jennifer Winning

Class 4A: Vincent Hart

Class 5: M Diba

Class 5A: Carly Godlonton

Class 6: Claude D’Souza

Class 6A: Loreta Masangcay

Class 7: Peter Maxwell/Lisa Hessels

Class 7A: Alyann Paular


Specialist Teachers


Heather Guterson (Learning Resource Head)

Mateya Doogan (Learning Resource)

Blair Larratt (Physical Education)

Lisa Wiechers (French)

Andrew Rapier (ADST/IT Support)

Milan Milosevic (Band)


Support Staff


Lori-Anne Drew (EA)

Rita Johnston (EA)

Juana Rocha-Michaels (EA)

Sandra Batista (EA)

Detrick Hearn (EA)

Michael Lowndes (EA)

Luke Moo (EA)

Jocelyn Joyce (EA)

Michael Lowndes (EA)

Marycris Reyes (EA)

Christian Marcelo (EA)

Maguy Darwich (EA)

Doris Holscher (OG Tutor)

Nora Wyenberg (OG Tutor)

Colleen Lee (ELL Tutor)

Stephanie Dumas (Read Well / Teacher On Call)

Tara Klukas (Librarian / Teacher On Call)


Maintenance Supervisor


Sean Doolan


Appendix C 


Tuition Fees for 2023-24


Application Levy:         $125 (Non-refundable unless child is not accepted)



Practicing Catholic Family
Active In Sacred Heart Parish
Canadian Resident
Practicing Catholic Family
Active In Another Parish
Canadian Resident
Non-Catholic / Non-Practicing Catholic
Canadian Resident
Practicing Catholic Family
Active In Sacred Heart Parish
US Resident
US Resident
International Students
One Child $393 $439 $682 $902 $1169 Inquire
Two Children $743 $822 $1279 $1791 $2327 Inquire
Three or more $846 $926 $1559 $2568 $3472 Inquire



Parent’s Prayer


Heavenly Father, help me to be true to the great privilege and great responsibility that you have given to me.  Teach me to be both an example and a friend to my children.  Grant that I may never be so busy with outside things that I do not have time to assist them in their needs, correct them in their errors and share with them in their joy.  Help me to understand how much they need me.


May I never be irritable or impatient.  Give me your necessary grace when my children take me for granted and do not appreciate the extra work they cause me.  When I am physically tired or weary in mind may I always remember that my frustrations must not come in the way of my love for my children.  But give me the courage to be able to say “no.”


Above all, dear Lord, may I be an inspiration by example for them to grow up in Your ways—to be kind and generous, honest and truthful, merciful and just.  Lead them, through me, to know you and to turn to you in their joys and sorrows, in their cares and anxieties so that they may acknowledge You as their Father and Jesus as their Brother.  Amen.